Our aim is to provide the highest quality of care for every boxer that comes to us within this rescue; their welfare is our main concern. Every dog is assessed by me and our team of helpers to ensure that we find that dog the right forever home.

Every new prospective home is checked out by our team of helpers across the country, we then match the dog to that home, ‘we never have dogs to view’ we take into consideration new owner’s life style and circumstances and match the dog in that way.

A lot of dedicated work and time is put into what we wish to achieve for that dog. Once a new owner has adopted from us we then stay in contact with the owner and their dog/s for the rest of that dog/s life. We therefore ask you to think long and hard in making the decision to hand your dog/s into our rescue. The work involved in re-homing each dog is enormous. On average we re-home between 300 to 350 dogs a year. All this is done with the dedication of voluntary helpers and members of this rescue. No one in this rescue takes a wage from what we are doing, and all donations go back into caring for the welfare of each dog. Boxer people are a race unto themselves (you know what I mean!) our love and devotion to this breed is second to none. The sheer pleasure I have when new owners (and past owners) adopt these magnificent dogs is overwhelming.