Fruit and Your Dog

If you own dogs, you should be well-informed about the things concerning your pets. You should go beyond merely offering them their daily needs and playing with them. The food and health are two essential factors you should consider when you raise pets like dog.

Perhaps many dog owners are still not aware that grapes are not safe for dogs. Also, sugar cane is not advantageous for your dog’s health. Being a responsible pet owner, you should learn to distinguish the healthy food from unhealthy or dangerous food for dogs.

Affenpinscher Breed of Dog

The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest breed of dogs that you can find. It has its origin in Germany where it has been kept for decades. It is one type of dog that does not shed its hair. It is a large dog that can stretch up to 13 inches at the chest. It was traditionally kept by farmers for its efficiency in eliminating rodents from food stores and other locations.

Risks in a Dog Park Visit

During summer, pet owners have developed a habit of taking their pets outdoors to play with them.

Based on the Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit organization, the growth of dog parks has continuously expand being part of the United States’ city parks, with around 34% increase in the last five years.

Keeping your dog cool

Keeping your dog cool in summer can be very tricky especially when you’re working and on for most of the hours in the day. The daytime heat can be a deciding factor if your dog is going to be healthy or if they are going to get heat exhaustion. You have to consider the well-being of your animal in order to give them proper care.

Adopting An Adult Golden Retriever

Occasionally, a person will decide to adopt a golden retriever that is available to them for whatever reason. Such as, an adult dog that has been used to breed numerous times in the past until it can no longer do so, or perhaps it has been affected by a certain health condition that the previous owner chooses to no longer keep the dog. There are several points to consider while a adopting an adult golden retriever.