All dog care measures serve not only to maintain a good, clean fur, but have a direct impact on blood flow and thus the health of the beast. Moreover, like most dogs specially massaging the brush much as it leads to an enormous feeling of well being.

From time to time, the nails must be trimmed. In susceptible breeds are also inspected the eyes and ears to it as required to bring with eye or ear cleaner in order. Of course, the genitals are always kept free of contamination.

Smooth-haired dog breeds care

Smooth-haired dog breeds have the advantage that they can not become matted, nor be subjected to a costly maintenance procedure must. In principle it is sufficient to free them from time to time with a soft brush of hairs on mature and provide with a woolen cloth for shine. Anyone who thinks, however, that these tiny hairs play no role in the home, you are wrong. Even short-haired dogs left their traces hairy, especially during the shedding season. The dogs really only see her hairdresser to trim the claws, if one does not want to do for themselves.

Care rough-haired breeds

The rough-haired terriers and schnauzers to be combed and brushed, with her hard hair usually do not tend to felt and has a dirt-repellent effect. A bathroom neither is just in nor falls necessary because it makes the hair softer and more sensitive. Every few months we will trim the rough-haired, that they are exempt from overripe hair by trimming it with a knife or with the help of rubber finger stalls. It does not hurt if you choose the correct time. The interval depends on the growth rate of the coat. Through the hard trim hair terrier and schnauzer easy and relatively insensitive to weather conditions. The trimming should be left to a good dog hair.

Maintaining long-haired dogs and stock

The representatives of these breeds to be combed and brushed. The subsequent rubbing with a woolen cloth brings a very nice shine to the coat.

In breeds such as Cocker Spaniels and Newfoundland’s some areas are thinned with special trimming knives. Some long-haired breeds such as Yorkshire and Silky Terriers need regular baths and hair when her hair is coming into top form typical race. For home use that is not always necessary. For exhibitions in any cases. The maintenance required is for the long-haired sometimes a bit higher than in other breeds with hair structures, where the well cannot make sweeping statements. In any case, you should buy a long haired dog, you respond to dog hair in the sensitive housing, because that can be the best will not be completely avoided (except for non-shedding breed’s border).

Long haired dogs are usually presented to the groomers to trim the hair light and thin out. During the shedding of dog hair helps by carding the now unnecessary to remove undercoat. Hair does not end Kerry blue terrier dogs must regularly receive a Churchill or a section on the breed standard.