Henry came into rescue for the second time when his new family found it impossible to cope with him. Henry suffers from two main issues:

* He is very stressed when it comes to life in the outside world
* As a result of his stresses he suffers with a skin complaint

If Henry were human he would be described as agoraphobic. When he is walked he freaks at the most normal things until he is so scared his behaviour becomes impossible to manage and he has to go home - or back to his kennel. In an enclosed environment Henry is very sweet and loving but his ability to cope with the outside world is very limited.

Henry's condition is not improving whilst he is in kennels and we struggled for a long time to find a suitable foster or permanent home for him.

We are delighted to say that Henry found a very loving foster family who were willing and able to meet his needs. After a few weeks of henry living with them he has adapted to life much better than we expected him to and the family fell for him hook line and sinker.

Henry's foster family have just decided that they don't want to think of life without henry and have asked if they can keep him forever. The team at BDRNE are delighted. This handsome boy now has the loving caring home he has needed for so long.

We would like to thank all visitors to the web site who have shown Henry the kindness and support he needed. Without this support Henry's future would have been so bleak. In trying times and difficult circumstances human kindness has shone through to give Henry the future he deserves.

Thank you to all of Henry's supporters - you know who you are!