Feeding your dog a diet suited for their size

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and we all have our own preferences as to what breeds and size of dogs we like. Some of us prefer the tiny breeds of dog that can be carried around in a handbag whilst others of us like to walk around with a bear of a dog which are taller than small children.

What breed and size of dog you have will have an effect on many things including the cost of medical care, the size of the toys you buy and the type of food you feed them. It is important that you buy food, toys and flea and worming treatments suitable for the size of your dog.

As dog breeds can vary greatly in size their nutritional requirements differ. They also age at different times as smaller breeds tend to have a longer life span compared to large and giant breeds and the age at which the aging process begins and speeds up varies from breed to breed.
Royal Canin offer a range of diets specially formulated for all breeds ranging from small to giant breeds.

The Royal Canin X-Small diet is for breeds that weigh between 0-4kg, the Royal Canin Mini Adult is for dogs that weigh up to 10kg over 10 months old and the Royal Canin Giant Adult caters for breeds weighing more than 45kg and should only be fed to dogs that are 18-24 months plus.

Most premium dog foods will cater to breed sizes and life stages to ensure your dog receives the nutrition they require to help them maintain good health.