Communicate with your Dog

If there is any animal in the world that deserves the utmost respect in terms of loyalty and usefulness; dogs are it.

Throughout history, dogs have been known to have exceptional intelligence and courage. For one, the only three survivors of the Titanic were actually dogs, while another dog, a German shepherd, led her blind companion for 2100 miles.

It is important to know some elements of your dog’s character in order to have a clear picture of how to relate to it. There are a lot that people don’t know, or care to, but it can’t be a coincidence that more than half the number of dog owners put their dogs in their family portraits; these animals mean something. Here are some useful facts that can help you understand your dog;

- Your dog can save your life! Studies have shown that dogs have the rare ability to detect a dozen diseases and help in early diagnosis. Dogs can actually pick out faint smells given out by abnormal cells that allow them to, through training, find anything from lung, prostrate, skin and breast cancer, epilepsy, to diabetes. Your dog can predict a seizure up to a minute before it happens!

- There have been conflicting research-findings that claim dogs feel envy, but not guilt. Although this is yet to be proven, it is said that when your dog gives you the ‘puppy eyes’, it is simply a response to your rebuke, and not an admission of guilt.

- Your dog is as smart as a 2 year old! Many people treat dogs like some dumb animals, well, they aren’t. Research proves that you can talk to your dog, and he/she, will understand up to 200 words. Although there are some dumb breeds, it is commonly known that dogs are very intelligent creatures.