The Best A Dog Can Get

As a young, beautiful dog around town, you want people to think only the best of you. That’s why you take care to look after your looks. You love the way people compliment your luscious coat, your beautiful eyes, your warm smile, and your general attractiveness.

And this is why it gets you down when you’re having a bad skin day. Bad skin days can be a massive downer, as they affect everything that you do. They can make everything seem so much more difficult. And how can you possibly hold your delicate, sensible, elegant demeanour when you can’t help but scratch and unpleasant itching can be so incredibly embarrassing, especially when you’re in public.

“But Wait!” I hear you say. “I have tried everything to make this itching go away. Ointments, creams, supplements Rubbing myself against a tree... Nothing is working!” Well, this is where I come in. have you ever considered that a change of diet may be what you need?

There are a number of foods on the market that can help you to improve the condition of your skin. Purina DRM contains various advanced mineral ingredients, which are very important in the maintenance and the repair of your skin. And if that isn’t enough for you it also contains zinc and antioxidants specially selected to enhance your immunity.

If that doesn’t float your boat, Eukanuba Dermatosis contains higher levels of zinc, protein, vitamin A and vitamin B, all of which are included as they promote the health and strength of your skin. Also included are high levels of arginine, which promotes faster healing of wounds. Maybe neither of these options appeals to you.

Maybe you want something that’s easier to prepare and comes with a higher range of flavours? Then look no farther than Hills D/D, whose range stretches to 6 different flavours, including salmon, venison or even duck!

So there it is – a different way to improve the quality of your skin, just by eating different foods. And there is plenty of choice in flavour and brand, so there’s no excuse not to go out and help yourself – your skin will feel much better for it!