Affenpinscher Breed of Dog

The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest breed of dogs that you can find. It has its origin in Germany where it has been kept for decades. It is one type of dog that does not shed its hair. It is a large dog that can stretch up to 13 inches at the chest. It was traditionally kept by farmers for its efficiency in eliminating rodents from food stores and other locations.

The Affenpinscher dog can weigh as much as 6 kg. It stands at 12 inches in height. Its coat is generally rough when grooming is not offered. With proper and regular grooming however, the coat can not only be soft but also fluffy. The coat over its head and shoulders however remain shaggy and appears to form a mane. One of its remarkable physical characteristics is its expression, which appears to be monkey-like.

This is one of the most active and playful dogs that you can come across. It is highly adventurous and can at times be very stubborn. It however gets along very well with other dogs and house pets. It bonds very well with family members and can be over-protective. Training the dog is easy and it masters techniques very fast. The dog is not however suitable to keep where children are as it has a tendency of protecting its territory, especially when it comes to feeding.

The Affenpinscher breed of dog can live to attain the age of 12 years. It is generally a healthy dog with very minimal health problems. Some of its health challenges include hip dysplasia, collapsed trachea and cataract. Some dogs have been reported to have respiratory diseases. This is particularly true for dogs kept in regions that experience hot weather conditions throughout the year. Most of its health challenges can easily be prevented by proper veterinary care.