Adopting An Adult Golden Retriever

Occasionally, a person will decide to adopt a golden retriever that is available to them for whatever reason. Such as, an adult dog that has been used to breed numerous times in the past until it can no longer do so, or perhaps it has been affected by a certain health condition that the previous owner chooses to no longer keep the dog. There are several points to consider while a adopting an adult golden retriever.

It is important member that an old dog comes with old habits that were taught to it by its previous owners. It may be very difficult for the dog to adapt to its new home as it as already formed unique behavioral patterns. This does not mean that it will not get along with its new owner, or that it will not like any kids that might be present in the house. This simply means that the dog will require some level of patience while it attempts to adapt in its new home. Just like any other new house pet the new member of the family deserves a lot of patience, love and attention. During this time, forming a new bond of trust is vital.

Anyone who is considering to adopt an adult golden retriever should ask the previous owners for any history about the dog, be it medical or behavioral. That way, the new owner of a dog we’ll have an easier time to adapt to their new member of the family. Questions that should be asked are: does he take a liking to children and is the friendly with them, is there anything that affects his temperament, anything that reaches an aggressive behavior, his habits, likes and dislikes, as well as if he has any known medical illness or issues of any kind.