5 Common Largest Dog Breeds

Large is not only magnificent, but also suggestive of ability. For dog breeds, the larger, the fiercer and thus the better for protection.

If you are looking for a kind of dog that will really scare intruders stiff, you may need to consider large breed of dogs. These are dogs that even when they bark, you can tell the sound is proportional to the body size. There is some authoritative echo coming from that homestead enough to tell looters anything might go terribly wrong when they try and commit some felony in that neighborhood.

From Scotland up to Russia down to the British territory to the Australia and South America, giant breeds of dogs are many and come from different places. This article pin points 5 breeds that are ideally the largest of all large dogs across the world - though you can read up on all dogs if you visit K9Stud.com.

1. Irish wolfhound: with up to 30 to 35 inches ground to shoulder distance, this particular dog is spectacular when at home. However, he is generally friendly and gets along with people at home.

2. Mastiff; with over 30 inches shoulder high for adult, this is a massive guard dog of the Latin origin. It is the kind that will scare stiff guests bearing in mind even its temperance is quite scary.

3. Grate Dane; despite its innocent face, erect ears and long muzzle, this dog is a giant when standing up. It’s basically tall and long. It also boasts a shoulder height of about 30 inches something that quite spectacular for a docile looking dog.

4. Black Russian Terrier; standing at 30 inches shoulder height, this breed is particularly hairy and quite vicious. It is a typical guard dog that not only freezes any criminal but sends them on their heels running for their dear lives.

5. Saint Bernard; standing at about 27,5 inches for an adult one, this dog looks much like a bulldog but its hairy and obviously massive. It’s stunning when squatting or lying down and petrifying when it stands up to shake off moisture on its fur.